Sex Toys For Your Valentine

By | February 6, 2013
Sex Toys For Your Valentine

Sex Toys For Your Valentine

It’s that time of year again, when our thoughts turn to gifts for our loved ones.  Well I’m not a fan of chocolate, I can take it or leave it and flowers…well they just wilt and die after a week.

And being a practical girl the thought of treating me to something which will bring me pleasure for weeks, long after St Valentines has gone is more enticing than a box of chocolates which will disappear for ever once eaten.

So with that in mind I have created a diverse and interesting list of products which will satisfy both you and your partner and give a little excitement and naughtiness to what would otherwise be quite a pedestrian day.

Foreplay is an essential part of any loving relationship it eases any tension and prepares you for an evening of pleasure together.  And what better way to break the ice than to engage in a little game playing.  Tease is a game of intimacy which you and your partner or if you swing you and your partners can engage in prior to getting down and dirty.

Another fun activity to do with your partner is to take a cast of their manhood.  No I’m not joking.  You can take a cast of your lovers cock and immortalise it in silicone complete with a vibrator.

And as if that wasn’t enough the cock replica can also glow in the dark.  I kid you not.

With the Clone A Willy Glow In The Dark Kit you have everything to cast a replica of your guy’s cock and the vibrator insert to give you a vibrator to remember him by every time you use it.

You may also find that dressing up in something sexy not only makes you feel good but gets your partner in the mood too.  A firm favourite of mine is the basque or corset as most people know it these days.  It not only gives a flattering figure but makes you feel special.

I spotted this beautiful Period Basque in red satin with a black frill, perfect for seduction on Valentines Day.

And to make your look complete you must invest in some “Bedroom Shoes”.  These need to be totally impractical for every day use, so they need to be as high as…and very, very naughty.  They aren’t the kind of footwear you would feel comfortable shopping in your local supermarket wearing but they will make your legs look as if they go on for ever.

This pair of Red Patent Open Toe Sandals fit the bill perfectly and would look great when worn with fishnet stockings.  ;)

Set the scene perfectly with a scattering of rose petals, ambient light offered by the rose red tea lights and all finished off with a sensual massage using the heart shaped heated cushion and arousing massage with Sensual Skin Glyde.

And once both of you are relaxed and read y to engage in some hot action why not slip on the soft jelly vibrating cock ring included in the Amore Sensual Massage Gift Set  More Amore Sensual Gift Set

My first choice of sex toy to get you in the mood for a night of naughtiness is a petite vibrator which can be used to stimulate nipples or clitoris or any other erogenous zone by you or your partner.  The Doc Johnson Heavenly Heart is a 10 function vibrator which is easily controlled via the push button interface.

And let’s not forget your partners needs.  If he likes a little prostate play prior to engaging in sexual intercourse with you he may enjoy using a prostate toy.  Prostate play can be very intense and satisfying for guys.

With the aid of the Nexus Revo 2 he can enjoy multi speed and vibratory settings whilst he enjoys the pressure of the rotating tip against his prostate.  A total sexual and and sensual emersion he will enjoy experiencing and you will voyeuristically appreciate.

He may wish to add a little cock stimulation in to the mix with the use of a vibrating cock ring.  This not only feels good for him but adds to the sensuality of intercourse.  When the vibratory part of the ring is worn on the top side of the cock during the missionary position it will stimulate the clitoris.

Or alternatively in the “doggy” position worn on the underside it will rub her up the right way.  The Lelo Bo is an ideal cock ring, being both multi speed/function it is also rechargeable.  Green and fun too!

Just like me you may enjoy the voyeur status of watching him wank in front of you, a rare but erotic act, one I never tire of watching.  For me it’s the most intimate of male sexual activity and to be able to witness it is not just arousing but a learning experience for anyone with a male partner.

I never fail to be intrigued by watching a guy jerk off.  It’s like I’m taking notes whilst being aroused.

There are many devices for the male now days some uncomplicated but effective like the Monkey Spanker which nowa days incorporates not just a male stimulator but a vibrator for the girls to get off too.

Or if you want to go full on immersion you can invest in a masturbatory device which emulates the internal stimulation offered by a woman’s vaginal walls or if you are so inclined a full on anal entry toy.  Both of these product sare also offered in “pornstar” varieties so you can now fuck the adult star of your choice both vaginally or anally.

We girls can now enjoy you guys getting off more than every with inventions like the Fleshlight Ice which with its transparent casing offers a visual on the act of masturbation.  And I lurve it!  You can see all the in and out action and the happy finish right before your eyes.  ;)

But in order that any of this fun can take place you need a good all round lube.  Some lubricants can’t be used with silicone toys so make sure that you use the right one.  As a rule of thumb the longer lasting ones and those good for anal penetration are those with silicone and the ones which are “Toy Safe”  generally tend to be water based but always check.

A good long lasting lubricant which offers both water based and silicone is Lube Tube.

Now lets focus on play and I’m a great believer in play as part of the sexual act.  It probably comes from the fact that I’m a bit of a switch.  Which means that I enjoy sexual play both as a dominant (Domme) and a submissive (Sub).

Some days I enjoy being controlled and others I like to be the one handing out the domination.  As such I find that we collect a varied collection of paraphernalia.  I like both the hard core and soft core of BDSM, not all elements of the fetish interest me but that’s what makes it interesting to me.

For example I like a little sensual, tickle torture but also a bit of a spanking on the buttocks.  Nothing too corporal as it’s not my thing but a little slap and tickle is good. And with the Good Girl Bad Girl Spanker I can enjoy both sides of the gambit.

It features a feather tickler at one end and a small crop at the other.

And then sometimes you just feel like you want to totally submit to your partner ( I had to resist the temptation to say “Master” for fear of the 50 Shades hyperbole) it can give you such a buzz feeling secure in the feeling that you are safe but under control.

I quite often feel that a good spanking works for me during sexual intercourse the combination of penetration and the sting of fingers on flesh turn me on immensely.  This Red Heart Spanking Paddle seems like it could do business and leave its mark.