More Nipples Than You Can Flick A Tongue At

By | February 23, 2013

busty babeNipples are wonderful things aren’t they, I mean to have them is great because they can be so much fun. And of course your partner having them is rather handy because they are an obvious and prominent erogenous zone. Let’s face it us guys need to have things like that pointed out to us and if a sensitive area is a different colour than the surrounding skin and tends to stand up, especially if aroused then it does make it easier for us to find.

Maybe that’s why the clitoris stands up like that, especially when you ladies get aroused. It means we can’t miss it, even in the dark. Though we are always told to look for the little guy in the canoe as a visual aid too if we’re actually looking rather than feeling our way around.

Anyway, back to nipples.

This isn’t a post about how much we guys love you girls to have them, that’s very obvious and while I’m not averse to stating the obvious in this instance I’m talking about the number of nipples you have.

“I have two” I hear you cry. Obvious really, everyone has two don’t they?

No they don’t. I don’t, I have a number of extra ones. Oddly I didn’t know they were nipples until a few years back because they are the least obtrusive of supernumerary nipples, yes they have a name, supernumerary nipples. Mine are inverted, just slight inversions of the skin on my abdomen and only noticeable since a doctor pointed them out to me.

So does anyone else have any out there?

Just askin’