Pornstar Lust And FF Boobs

By | October 14, 2008

I have talked about my local greasy spoon here before. Well, just to fill you in the good looking, hot, pornstar look alike has left for sure. She hasn’t been there now for a few weeks and the staff have been changing on a regular basis.

This week has seen the appointment of a dark haired middle aged woman who can only be described as the bride of Wildenstein. She is scary! So, it looks like there will be nobody to letch at over the dark and miserable winter.

Anyway, back to what I was going to talk to you about.

I have never seen a pair of false boobs in the flesh and close up, I know it sounds a bit strange given that there are so many people having boob jobs these days. On screen in porn movies they always seem to be too…well, upturned bowl shaped and stay in place even if they are upside down. However, I do realise that television or video can change the appearance of things so I thought that maybe it tended to over emphasise the falseness of them.

All I can say is I was wrong.

Whilst standing in the queue for my sandwich at lunchtime I noticed the 5′ nothing girl in front of me had a very low cut v-neck jumper on. Reason I noticed was because I did tower above her a little. Lol

I just caught a quick glimpse of her as she turned to look out of the window behind us whilst awaiting her turn in the queue. She must have been a size 6, so thin that the top of her rib cage was clearly visible through her flesh, resembling a part filleted fish. Not an attractive look. But on top of this very ribby upper body and flesh were a couple of jelly mould boobs with a huge crevasse between them.

Yes they were certainly pert, perhaps aided by the tension of the flesh covering them but they looked so out of place. This girl was so thin that they didn’t by any stretch of the imagination look natural. Enhancement is one thing, but you can take it too far.

They intrigued me so much that I’m sure it must have been obvious I was checking them out. I was very tempted to ask “Are they implants?” and when she replied yes hoping that I was going to say they looked so natural, say ” I could tell”. Lol

I felt like such a bitch today…bad day at work.