Saturday Night Foursome

By | October 14, 2008

Busty and I were going over some memorable moments from Saturday night when Alex and I went over for dinner. Like the fact that she asked me to chop and prepare the ingredients for a green salad and then forgot to place it on the table later in the evening.

I think it was due to the wine. Lol

Alex and I took along some party game just in case the evening went a little slowly, her boyfriend can be very quiet. They spent the evening in the car and we didn’t actually leave until well after 1am.

It wasn’t until I turned around and spotted the clock behind me indicating just how late it was that I suggested that we should be on our way.

As the conversation went on she revealed that her boyfriend hadn’t offered to help with the preparation of the food. Instead he said he was going to get out of the way. And I was aghast when she told me exactly what he did.

He only went and had his eyebrows waxed and his hair done. Now isn’t that fantastic. She slaves over a hot stove all day and he is beautifying himself ready for the evening. And not just that, after we left they went to bed and the following morning she got up to be greeted by a sink full of pots.

The boyfriend had gone to help move some furniture over at his friends house.

Why oh why doesn’t she just dump him and get it on with me instead. I appreciate her. 😉

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