Young Single And Horny

By | October 15, 2008

Horny very rarely goes out at lunchtime. She seems to, out of a sense of duty, insist on giving 110% to her employer and by return he keeps on taking and taking. Oh sorry, I nearly allowed myself to let rip!

We eventually persuaded her to take her lunch out of the office today and grab some of the Autumnal sun as there won’t be many more days like today.

Whilst she was out Busty reminded me that it was coming up to her Birthday, I hadn’t made a note of it last year so I was grateful to her for prompting me.

I asked her if she had any suggestions and at that point one of the guys from the offices upstairs came in. He suggested a blow up doll. Busty asked “They are for men aren’t they?”. He replied that there is a male version for the girls too.

“Oh, and how is she supposed to sit on an inflatable willy?”, she enquired.
“They are hard, so she could use it”, came his reply.
“The sides are razor sharp though, you couldn’t use if for long before doing youself some damage”, came her reply.

I had to giggle and wonder what her experiences of blow up dolls are. I think that could be one for tomorrow!