The Dildo Maker

By | March 17, 2013

If you are as old as me you will most probably remember the hand turned pencil sharpener which was attached to the desk, usually near to the teacher so you didn’t attempt to sharpen anything else.  Lol

As a junior I clearly remember being in awe of the pencil sharpener and would volunteer when asked to sharpen the classes pencils.  Then when I had finished I took great delight in playing with the wooden turnings inside the casing.  Sad I know but we didn’t have Wi’s back then.

I would make bangles out of the shavings, never managed to get one long enough to create a wooden necklace.

Those were the days…

The original pencil sharpener was designed by a French chap called Raymond Lowey and wasn’t the one I used at school before you ask.  Lol  His design concept has recently inspired a guy by the name of Francesco Morackini but his version isn’t for pencils.

Cheeky Francesco’s machine is designed to create dildos out of anything from carrots to candles.  You can now make your own “green” dildos with the aid of his Dildomaker.  You can read more about it here.

Whilst you’re reading that I’m surfing the net to find out where I can get one…