Why Visit a Free Porn Tube Site?

By | March 20, 2013

Why Visit a Free Porn Tube Site?Why is it so many people visit a free porn tube site? Probably for the same reason that when the Internet first became widely and cheaply available so many of us started to visit porn sites filled with photo sets. That reason – titillation and masturbation.

To deny that we all enjoy masturbation is to deny, as someone once said, what makes us human. Our bodies are wired for fun not just procreation indeed the pleasurable sensations we feel during sex have developed to encourage us to procreate. Masturbation is simply a way of enjoying this happy side-effect of this evolutionary quirk.

As I said, free photos on porn sites used to be the ultimate in adult entertainment, superseding magazines bought from the local newsagent. And in the same way the old VHS and DVD copies of adult movies which were at one time the only sex videos available have now been overtaken and in some instances replaced by free sex videos online.

A few years ago a Free Porn Tube site like http://www.slutgarden.com/ would have been a mystery to most of us but even if we don’t visit them we all know that they allow anyone to view a range of sex videos that cater for every taste and fetish. Vaginal sex, anal sex, blondes, brunettes, gay sex, all are there to see in a unique form of broadcast media made possible by broadband Internet and free video players.

Instead of slipping off to your local video store to buy 18 certificate Sexy Movies you can now see all that and more online at free porn tube sites. The term Porn Tube Sites is now in common usage even in the mainstream media and has featured in factual television, comedies and of course in the newspapers. The newspapers swing between gleeful and excited interest and disgusted, self-righteous disgust at the hard core action you can see in the free sex videos these sites allow you to view. Oh, and on the subject of swinging if you want to see swinging couples videos you’ll find them on the tube sites too.

Like so many things in adult you would be hard pressed to find many Internet users who haven’t stumbled across one of these sites during their time online. And let’s face it a lot of us will have visited a site to see what these free sex videos are like. Surely it’s only the same as peeking at your friend’s porn magazines behind the bike sheds at school or passing round a grainy VHS copy of a porn movie in terms of fun and excitement.

The nature of the videos on the free porn tube sites is different from the studio produced adult output that formed the majority of porn until five years ago. The videos are shorter, a cynic might say just the right length for a quick wank. But more than that they are more amateur looking with lower production values and often rather voyeuristic all of which can appeal to many viewers more than the polished and beautifully shot HD DVD offerings from the main porn studios.