Dirty Weekend In Leeds

By | March 26, 2013

busty blondeAlex and I were invited to a 30th Birthday celebration by a friend in the industry a couple of weeks ago.  We decided to take a hotel room for the night to avoid the long commute home afterwards and booked in to what turned out to be the second worst hotel stay we had every had.  The first being a really bad one in London where we moved rooms twice and still had problems.

Despite having a rather crap stay mainly due to the poor service and terrible culinary skills of their resident chef we did have a fun evening.

We attended the cocktail bar celebrations and caught up with the Birthday girl who we hadn’t seen for some months and with other industry friends over the course of the evening and had a thoroughly good time.

Needless to say when we returned to our hotel which was only a throw away from the party we were relaxed and slightly inebriated but most of all we were randy having spent the evening just being able to look and not touch.  😉

After all the years we have been together there is still a strong magnetism towards each other which keeps those embers glowing.

We entered the bedroom and turned on the ceiling fan and opened the window as there was no air con in the room.  After stripping off and hanging my dress in the wardrobe we both slipped under the duvet naked and so ready for it.

My breathing must have given away just how ready for “It” I was.  Lol  I knew Alex felt the same because he was breathing heavily too.  He used his left leg to part mine as I lay prostrate on the mattress and soon found the entrance to my pleasure.

His cock stretched me but was soon accommodated by my vaginal muscles, the tip of his cock grazed my g-spot and I let out a sigh.  He raised himself up on his haunches and started to move in and out of me with a deliberate but assertive pace.

I grabbed his buttocks, ensuring that my nails dug in to his naked flesh and pulled him towards me.  He sighed.

His thrusting increased as did my responses and we both moved in tandem on the bed, me meeting his thrusts with an equal passion.  I repressed my natural urge to vocalise my pleasure, aware that there were guests in the adjacent rooms but so wanting to let him know what he was doing to me.

Raising my legs I took hold of him round the waist pulling him in to me matching his thrusts.  I was so in control of my senses until that grazing thrust which had me crying (quietly) for more.  Then it happened without warning…

…I became aware of the overly moist situation between my legs.  My thighs were starting to become cold as the moisture cooled in the air.  And my bottom felt wet underneath me.  Alex’s thrusts became more deliberate and rapid and he approached climax and I encouraged him with occasional moans despite being totally sated moments earlier.  😉

Several thrusts later he was in the same place as me, letting rip an almighty roar as he came (sorry you guys in the room next door.  Lol).

Alex threw himself off me and I moved to the side of the wet patch which was now cold on the bed.  Yes, Suze had squirted!  And thoroughly enjoyed it but there was now the mopping up stage to contend with.

At home I normally use my hairdryer to resolve the problem of wet sheets so I looked for the hairdryer.  Yes they had one.  Good.  One problem.  The plug for the hairdryer was so far from the bed that it only just extended to within 5 inches of the actual wet spot.

Boy did I pay for my night of passion, it took me about 30 minutes to dry the wet patch and the underlying disposable mattress cover.

That bloody hotel was a complete nightmare but I had an enjoyable evening.  A bitter sweet weekend.  😉