Cock In the Kitchen For Adventurous Housewives

By | October 16, 2008

Courses From Baking To Bonking

That great institute that is the Womens Institute, WI for short, has been gradually updating it’s activities over the past few years. It’s now not all about baking Victoria sponges and making jam.

Recently we have seen them produce a very tasteful semi-clad calendar featuring some of their members in provocative poses. But nothing has been as daring as their latest venture. They have produced a video sex guide.

The video gives advice on how to liven things up in the bedroom, including advice on the best sexual position to undertake if you have suffered a heart attack or have mobility issues due to arthritis.

Janice Langley from the Washington WI in West Sussex is presenting the video, she is a retired councillor and sex therapist.

However don’t expect anyone to be stripping off for this one, the scenes are enacted by cartoon characters.

They also have a section on battery operated “marital aids”, they should have asked me to contribute to that one. 😉

Good luck to them, anything which promotes sex and sexual relationships in a well informed and positive light has to be good.