2007 Sex Toy Heaven

By | February 3, 2007

I have received several enquiries over the last few days relating to our Sex Toy reviews and if we are going to carry on with this feature.  Well the short answer to this is “Yes” but I will answer this as a two part response.

Firstly we will continue to provide our readers with our individual “Tried & Tested” reviews but they will now be more frequent.  We have agreed with our supplier  to review two toys each month.  That means more chance of seeing your voted for toy being selected, and even better,  more toys for me to test drive.  Yeh!

Secondly, we will be installing a new voting system which will incorporate a league table, where you will be able to see the front runners in the “Toy Vote”.  So you can ensure that your toy choice makes it to my door.  😉

I took receipt of my first toy of the year this morning.  The postman had to knock as it was a recorded delivery.  And to my surprise it wasn’t the grumpy frumpy Rammerâ„¢.  Instead it was our original nice postman.  I say nice…and now I’m sure he is also naughty.  As I took the parcel from him I noticed he wasn’t looking at my face, he was looking at my boobs.

Following his downward gaze, I checked out my left breast which was the object of his attention.  Then I knew exactly why he was looking.  Today I’m wearing a pair of casual jogging bottoms and a white t-shirt.  Nothing special I hear you say!  Well I wasn’t wearing a bra and shall we just say that it was cold on the doorstep.  😉

I believe I took the delivery book from him, signed it and passed it back to him without him lifting his gaze.  He then finally lifted his head to say “thank you and good morning” and then took off up the driveway.  That probably warmed him up a little on this chilly morning.

As I type this the parcel sits to the right of me on the desk.  I think I need to go and open it now.  Check back later to find out what it was.