Sex On The Beach

By | October 17, 2008

It seems I’m not the only Brit to have a huge appetite for sex. A couple have been on trial today accused of having unmarried sex on the beach in Dubai.

Michelle Palmer aged 36, a publishing executive had lived in Dubai for over two years met Vince Acors (father of one) aged 34 at an all day brunch at the Le Meridien Hotel.

They were later spotted by a policeman who warned them about their inappropriate behaviour but just a few hours later he discovered them having sex on a sun lounger.

Despite their protestations that they were only kissing and cuddling their case was heard in court today. The defence lawyer for Palmer claims that the statements from the witnesses including the policeman were wrong and medical tests had proven that Palmer had not had sex.

I must admit that I can’t see a good reason why witnesses and a policeman would lie but at the same time no matter how much you have had to drink you know that having sex in a public place is illegal, even here in the UK.

Both have been sentenced to three months in jail and are hoping to appeal against the verdict.

That may give them some time to cool off. 🙂