Serious Lack Of Talent At Gym

By | April 22, 2013

Body Builder With Small HeadI walked in to gym today to a more pleasant environment, yes it was warm but not too warm and there were only a few people around.

Consequently this included the assistant manager whom I needed to speak to about leaving my stopwatch on Sunday.  I can see me not getting it back.  🙁  However, I have now started using my phone and it’s quite adequate, better not leave that behind.  Lol

Despite the general lack of patrons there were very few personal trainers to ogle at including my recent crush the hot PT who set me up with my routine.  She’s been nowhere in site for weeks now.  When I move on my program I’ll have to find someone else.

The guy I mentioned a good while back who has more than a bearing resemblance to TV’s Rav Wilding hadn’t been around since the new gym opened, that was until today.

He was cycling over the other side of the room when I set eyes on him from the rower.  I didn’t recognise him.  Then I realised why.  There is a fine line between having a strong athletically toned body and crossing the line in to “Small Head Syndrome”.

I hear you all shouting out for an explanation.  Lol  Well, SHS is when a guy works out his upper body until his head looks like it’s been shrunk by some Amazon tribe.  See the image above to see what I mean.  Lol

Not sure if I would now…oh well, his loss.

So with the major female and male talent gone I need to find someone else to focus on when I’m getting all hot a sweaty…

And randy!