Beauty And The Beast

By | October 17, 2008

Dear readers I’m going to share something personal with you now. The company I work for has a bully in their midst and not only is he allowed to get away with his intolerable behaviour but it is almost condoned.

This person delights in belittling his colleagues, mainly female should I add. He uses any number of methods to try and make them look small but to his and my employers comes across as the best thing since sliced bread.

He has managed to secure himself a place within the company by trying to control everything and by his nature of being a control freak he is ensuring that he isn’t easily ousted.

The reason I wrote this post in the main is because I wanted to let everyone know out there that my personal life and working life are “real”. I have to work with this guy every day as do my colleagues.

I have banged heads with him on several occasions without any backing from my employer who chooses to ignore his behaviour. So I carry on working there every day hoping that one day he gets his. I think he has just about managed to upset every female employee and reduce some including me to tears.

He may be a product of the British army but that doesn’t allow him to treat us all like we are on the battlefield. And that’s his problem I suppose, we’re all on the same side but he constantly sets himself up in opposition to us as if he’s got something to prove.

However, I think I may have found his Achilles heel. He has a liking for Pink and went on to explain this to Busty and Horny whilst I tried to ignore him as I do without being unpleasant to him ( I don’t want him to have any recourse should I need to take action against him).

This guy openly admitted to being slightly scared of her whilst still being attracted to her.

So I think from now on I will try being more dominant and less submissive.