Hot For Cock

By | October 18, 2008

Well you girls out there are certainly eager to get your hands on one of the five Magma Phoenix vibes up for grabs over on STB in the FREE monthly sex toy draw. We have been flooded with subscribers all eager to get adult toys delivered straight to their doors with nothing to pay.

I have one of these baby’s already and let me tell you it is just the thing to warm you up on those cold winter evenings…or days for that matter. 😉

And don’t forget if you have a site and register that with us you will appear on the STB Toplist and receive new readers to your site.

Right! So what are you waiting for get over there and register now the draw is taking place at the end of the month so there is still time to be part of the Buzzzzzz.

And remember guys. The toys aren’t just for her :o)