Zoo Keeper Day

By | May 21, 2013

Elephant BeggingSorry there’s no sex in this post you’ll have to scroll down the page for that.  Lol

I was rather glad that I had selected to take my Zoo Keeper Day a few weeks ago the both the Monday and Tuesday were the hottest we’ve had so far.

We set off on the Monday morning to our destination hotel on the outskirts of Twycross, about 20 minutes drive from the zoo itself.  This meant that we would arrive bright eyed and bushytailed the following morning for my full itinerary.

My day duly started at 9am on Tuesday morning and I was lead to the changing rooms where I had to don a full set of navy coloured overalls emblazoned with Twycross Zoo Keeper on the back.

I slipped them on over my trousers and t-shirt and applied my newly bought cap to my head.  It was going to be a hot one.  Not the kind of day you would wish to wear a double layer of clothing.  Sigh!  I was taken through the briefest Health & Safety introduction which basically comprised of “Do exactly what the keeper asks at all times”.

And away I went.

My first keeper was in charge of the Primates and I was taken to a couple of adjoining indoor compounds.  This is where the animals ate and bedded down for the night.  I was instructed to wash down the shelves, climbing equipment and window with disinfectant.

Great I thought!  I hope that this isn’t a prelude to my day’s activities.  As it happened it wasn’t, it was the only cleaning gig I had all day and was there to show you animal husbandry isn’t just about the good stuff.

After leaving the compounds clean, smelling fresh and with a couple of scoops of an appetising mash we made our way to handover for the next leg of my animal explorations.

The Hooves & Carnivore section but not in the same enclosure.  Lol

I was taken by the keeper to feed the Camels.  He wound down the hay mangers on the wall and we replenished them before letting the dreadlock shedding animals back in.  They really didn’t look at their best with large clods of fur hanging from them.

Next I was taken to the compound of one of the animals I had been most looking forward to seeing…

And I’ll tell you all about it soon.  🙂