My Own Private Sex And The City

By | October 18, 2008

Ever felt that your life is like a TV series or situation comedy? Well I have.

I come home from work and ask “How was your day at work?” I get a variety of answers, which at the moment usually reflect the complete lack of enthusiasm Suze has for her job because of the “sick company” syndrome her employers display.

What I don’t get much of is what she talked about at work with Busty and Horny.

Bizarrely I tend to find out what she’s been up to with the girls via this blog. It’s like living with two people, one who imparts the day to day information about how crap things are at work and the other who chooses to write about it online and tell me at the same time as she tells you.

I don’t object to that because I usually end up quizzing Suze about it after proof reading her posts (we read each other’s work before publication) and getting a little more detail out of her than discretion and respect for confidentiality would allow her to write online. What I just realised is what an odd way of life (in some respects) we now lead.

We broadcast our thoughts via what we write for our blog and to a certain extent withhold some titbits of information from each other deliberately to allow us to read what the other writes without foreknowledge, just as our readers do.

It’s like living in and writing your very own Sex And The City every single day.