Fucking Giveaway

By | October 19, 2008

AlexSuzeWe had little nephew stay over on Friday night, he was as good as gold and brightened up the end of a shit week at work. His conversation skills are developing more and more each time we see him and of course his inquisitiveness.

Alex ensures that all our play things are put away when he arrives. But it wouldn’t take a scientist to find them, we have had to invest in some stackable boxes to put them in. Have you tried to get opaque storage boxes these days? They are all clear obviously so you can see the contents easily when you require something.

Now that is a great idea but we are wanting to secrete them. πŸ˜‰ So currently we have four large boxes stacked on top of each other in the corner of our bedroom. Admittedly the opening for the top one is out of his reach but you can still see inside them. Good job he isn’t nosey!

He flopped whilst watching one of his favourite DVD’s and went to bed with no trouble. We followed him to bed but waited for a while so he was asleep before we got amorous. After about 30 minutes we couldn’t wait anymore and he seemed to be still.

I raised up on all fours, pulled up my night shirt and eagerly waited for Alex to slip in to me as the cold air hit my buttocks. Feeling him entering me and then filling my wanton pussy made me sigh, although quietly. I’m normally quite vocal in the bedroom and I have to actively tone it down when we have nephew stay. πŸ˜‰

Alex started to push in with deep slow strokes, teasing me he knew I was ready for a full on fuck. After about 5 deliberate strokes with me pushing back against him trying to get the most out of him, he started to speed up.

Then…”Squeek, creak, squeeek”, the bloody bed started to make the most annoying loud protests. And there we are trying to be discreet and quiet as not to wake little nephew. In an act of sheer need I took hold of the bedpost and pulled it towards me hoping to stabilise the bed and put an end to its complaints.

I’m sure that bloody bed has something against sexual pleasure!

No matter what I did, I tried pulling it, pushing it pressing down on the bedhead but I just couldn’t stave off the noise. We had to abandon the bed and resort to a bit of on the floor action. Bloody hell, it’s hard work on your knees.

A few tactical moves later we found a spot on the floor without creaking floorboards. Although a little preoccupied we managed to shag with me coming several times and Alex rather naughtily withdrawing just at the right moment and shooting his seed up my back. I could feel the plip, plops of glutanous come hit my back as he shot his load.

My night shirt was condemned to the wash basket for it didn’t escape Alex’s onslaught, neither did my knees they were pink and slightly grazed. πŸ˜‰

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