Zoo Keeper Day Part Trois

By | June 24, 2013

Three ChimpsI was taken to the primate kitchen for my next part of my keeper day.  This was a small room to the side of the main primate enclosure.

My task here was to stuff hard plastic boys with an array of vegetables including broccoli and carrots to provide the foraging primates with an alternative food experience.  And for the more experienced I also filled 20+ screw top jars for them to open.

At the time I was so consumed with my task that I didn’t notice that the food preparation area had a gate to one side where we could see the primates enclosed.

As I was busy preparing their lunch I was totally unaware that the primates were watching my every move through the iron gate between us and their enclosure.

When I realised that “I” was being watched instead of them it made me smile.  I was now having my every move monitored by 3+ primates.

I continued to stuff jars and buoys with vegetables as there were so many to prepare for their late feed.  One which unfortunately I wouldn’t be present for.

As I stuffed one of the jars with fresh veg I heard a strange sound from the right.  As I turned to discover the origin of the sound I found a chimp with curled lip bowing raspberries at me.  Apparently it’s his signature behaviour for attention.

It was funny and I believe he knew it.  Lol

Next came lunch with a senior member of the animal team which not only gave me the opportunity to refuel and ask some poignant questions of a senior member of the team, one of the two head keepers which was interesting.