The Lady And The Butler

By | October 19, 2008

Mary bid the vicar’s wife farewell and heaved a huge sigh of relief. The vicar had married a young woman, Amanda, who despite being desperately dull elicited a certain amount of carnal desire in Mary. She would have loved to take Amanda to bed and explore some of her most wicked fantasies with her, but suspected that her advances would be met with more than a little hostility.

So each Tuesday’s meeting with her to discuss the fundraising for the upkeep of the church always left her flustered.

There was a knock at the door. “Come” she beckoned.

It was James the Butler. He entered silently, with a slight nod to his employer and began to clear away the plates and cups the women had been using. Before he had completed his task he heard the words that were becoming so familiar to him. “James, lock the door.”

He calmly walked to the door and turned the key in the lock. Turning to face his mistress he found her with her back already towards him. He paced across to her and unfastened the back of her dress. It fell to the ground in a heap and she stepped out of it and turned to face him.

He dropped to his knees and pulled down her silk knickers. The fragrant moistness of her pussy assailed his nose. He licked his lips in anticipation for the feast he was about to enjoy.

Mary sat on her high backed easy chair and raised her knees. Her bushy pubic hair glistened with moisture that had accumulated while she listened to dreary talk from the vicar’s wife about fetes and jumble sales. Mary smiled as she imagined the reaction if she had expressed the urged to tear off the other woman’s clothes and slip her fingers inside her pussy.

Mary felt James’ tongue pushing through her bush and begin its eager lapping at her labia. He was a real find this one. Well qualified as a butler, discrete and randy as a rabbit. Her hands grasped his head, pulling him into her. Not that there was any need to hold him there, she knew he enjoyed licking her from clitoris to anus, drinking her in. She suspected that he knew why she was always so aroused on a Tuesday and suspected too that it made him even more eager to fuck her than he usually was.

She held him at her crotch until his face was covered in her wetness then allowed him to look up at her.

“Fuck me.” She instructed, the curl of a smile playing on her mouth as she relished her mastery of him that was based more on the desire she aroused in him than the salary she paid him.

James slipped his trouser below his scrotum. His cock was stiff and moist beneath his long foreskin. Still kneeling in front of her he drew back the foreskin to expose a swollen, glistening head. He shuffled forward, grasped the arms of the chair, raised himself and pressed the head of his cock against her waiting lips. They parted easily, letting him slip into the warm welcoming opening.

Mary moaned with delight, writhing in her chair while James slid his cock in and out of her. The smell of his hair cream filled her nostrils, the sensation of being filled by his magnificent cock drove her wild.

Mary began to tense, an orgasm building inside her. James felt her vagina tighten, her breathing change tempo. He adjusted his thrusts, slowing to temper his own excitement, ensuring his own climax coincided with hers. He looked at her corset, wishing he could rip it open and expose her fleshy breasts which were rolling provocatively in time with his movements.

A shriek from his mistress signalled the moment had arrived, her pussy became wetter, her body tensed, eyes rolling and hands gripping the chair. James’ groin released his semen into her, reflexive, jerking thrust of his pelvis pushing his cock as deep as it would reach, grinding his pubis against hers.

He sank forward across her chest, head resting on her boobs.

A minute or two passed, their breathing began to return to normal.

“Leave me,” Mary instructed. James stood, adjusted himself and left with the tea tray.

Mary lay back, enjoying the afterglow until she felt the butler’s cum begin to ooze slowly from her pussy.