Sexual Mishaps

By | October 20, 2008

Whilst frittering away a Sunday afternoon last summer I began to think about some of the sexual mishaps I have encountered over the years.

They usually occur as a result of over enthusiasm or misjudgement and can be anything from funny to damn right painful, or both. The end result is usually one or other of you being discomforted in some way.

The first which springs to mind is the I’ve not quite thought it out properly shag. About a year ago I took up an office job and was entrusted with a key to the premises. Well you know me and Alex by now, we both fancied a good hard shag on the boss’s desk (I know it’s a little cliché, but at the same time fun.)

On the particular evening in question the door to the boss’s office was locked and unfortunately I didn’t have a key. So Alex and I decided to have a shag on the thick wool carpet outside his door. We were both so horny that we could not be bothered to find somewhere more “safe”.

We got straight down to it, no foreplay necessary as Alex was already as stiff as a board. My pants were wet enough to wring out, I was definitely up for it. He knelt before me, his hard prick pointing at it’s destination. Alex grabbed behind both of my knees and guided me on to his erection. I shuddered a little with the pleasure of his entry.

I placed my feet either side of his head and he began to push deeper in to my moist folds. I gripped him with my legs and began to move around on his shaft. Before long we were at it hammer and tongs, Alex was pumping so hard in to me that I could feel myself being literally fucked along the carpet. We fucked and fucked and then came on my braless tits. Then it hit me, my back was really sore.

Without even noticing as I was that engrossed in my carnal desire, I had a huge friction burn at the base of my spine. Alex got away with it quite lightly, he just had sore knees. We now use a blanket or whatever is near us when we fuck on carpet, lesson learned.

My next thought is that of female masturbation damage. With a previous boyfriend during “finger fun” I had the top layer of skin planed from my pussy lips. He was working his fingers deeper and faster in to me and either was extremely wet or he got a little over excited. His fingers were working their way in and out of me and I was close to orgasm, when it happened. On the withdrawal stroke his finger nail dug in to my wet pussy lips and removed a slither of skin. “Ow”, that hurt!

One which happened recently is the missing the pussy accident. This can take on two forms, the first being a direct miss and ending up in a surprised anus. Or the later, that the guys cock misses on the in stroke and nearly bends in two. You really have to be careful when giving hip moving feedback to you man, it can result in either of these two mishaps. I have to make sure that Alex’s cock is well in to me before writhing on his prick.

The final mishap, which I admit to causing on more than one occasion involves blow jobs. You are working away on your mans cock and he’s groaning with the sensation of you sucking him off, coupled with the visual of your head moving up and down over his erect penis. You get a little too excited and step up the action and the next thing you know his glans is being scraped over your teeth. Fortunately for me, and Alex for that matter, I’ve never caused serious harm to him with this one. It could be due to him enjoying his blow jobs so much, he tends not to feel discomfort while in the act but often complains of soreness after.

Thankfully none of the above have involved A & E, I would not like to explain to them how the injuries had occurred!