Fucked By The Machine

By | October 20, 2008

Well, all went swimmingly until, about 24 hours after the new template went live and for some reason it fell over. I’m still working on why our copy of WordPress reverted to the Kubrick template, so until then it’s back to the old one.

Bloody technology.

Being literally, rather than metaphorically fucked by a machine is not something that either of us has actually experienced. At first you think of it as a bit alien and not really very enticing, but I have stuck my dick in a few quite sophisticated sex toys. Take the Tenga Flip Hole for instance (you can read the review here).

So if you’re prepared to do that why not go the whole hog and get a “Real Doll“? Using one might be interesting as an experience, but I can’t see that working for me. If I were on my own then maybe, but sex toys for me are a means to an end for me. As I have the real thing to play with the only reason for me to use a masturbatory aid is to cum. Sex is available pretty much whenever I want it.

As for the “sex machines” for women, I know I speak for Suze when I say that they are a little intimidating. Vibes and dongs are one thing but a mechanical device thrusting remorselessly into your pussy looks dangerous to me. And the noise is pretty distracting too.

But don’t let that stop you enjoying yourself … :o)

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