Gym Buddies Or Should I Say We Can’t Go On Together…

By | August 24, 2013
Gym Buddy

Gym Buddy

It’s a fact that when asked most people would want to have the ability to work from home.  After all you can follow your own schedule, taking time out to do none work related stuff like gym having coffee with friends and so forth.

But don’t forget that you also end up making that time up by working in to the night and weekends too.  So although a flexible work routine not exactly your 9-5pm.  Not that I’m complaining, aside from not having that office banter and interaction.  Although talking to clients does enrich your day.

However, the one thing you don’t get is the chance to make friends with new people you would normally happen across in your normal working for an employer life.

So I made a considered decision to make new friends to enrich my life, ones not in the adult industry but in my everyday world.  I decided to invite a woman I’ve had regular exchanges with at gym to come over for a coffee.

This invitation was taken in a slightly bemused and suspicious way I discovered when my new gym buddie turned up.  She admitted that her friend had told her that she was most probably going to be my guinea pig and even suggested that I could be gay.

At first I was slightly hurt by the implication I might be predatory, then I gave it some thought.

How often does an acquaintance try to take the relationship that little bit further in to a full blown relationship?

And is this situation comparable to a guy asking a girl out on a first date?

I’ll answer that…I suppose so, judging from the reaction my invitation to “come over for a coffee” received.

I must admit this woman seems to be the kind of person I could have a very good relationship with but now I feel like I’ve been made to look…well, a little desperate.  And that’s certainly not what I intended.

What do you think?



Addendum:  I saw the lady in question today and she was enthusing just how much she enjoyed her coffee which turned in to lunch with me and suggested that we do it again soon.

Should I?