Getting Tooled Up To Fuck

By | October 21, 2008

Not being a man I didn’t give condoms and sizing much thought. I have always been pleased with the size of my partners and only once was I disappointed. Not a bad track record. 😉

But there are serious issues involved with not getting the right sized condom, too small and your cock is restricted when fully aroused, also the risk of tearing. Too large and you run the risk of the condom coming off during intercourse.

You could select large, medium or small from one of the well known manufacturers of course. But each supplier has different sizing so it is all guess work as to which size you should purchase.

I took a look around the internet sure that I would be able to find a custom fit site where you guys could get the right size to fit you. I was wrong, most sites just sell standard manufacturers wears and offer no sizing, so you are in the dark but may be able to buy bulk once your have found a condom suitable for your needs.

In the meantime you could be throwing good money after bad in the quest to find the perfect fit.

I was just about to give up the ghost when I came across this company in…

…you guessed it Amsterdam! They are so clever and open minded and damn right sexy the Dutch. 😉 Condomerie have not only got an extensive stock of condoms but have classified their entire stock of tested condoms under their “Condomerie Amsterdam Standard” CAS index so you can find the exact size you are looking for.

They even have a trial packet for you to…well, try. Lol

As well as the online shop they have lots of advice, hints and tips. This is a very good site and you can even visit the shop if you wish.

A little gem. I may have to check out the KLM flights and take a look for myself. 😉