Power At The Plate

By | September 8, 2013

Exercise MachineI’ve been going to gym for some time now and one piece of equipment totally mystifies me.  The Power Plate.  What the fuck is it supposed to do?

As I’m doing my planks, situps and cardio I am totally bemused by the string of people who elect to place their hips, arms and other body parts on the rumbling plate.  What the fuck is this supposed to do?

I watch in awe as women hold themselves in position to be…vibrated!  Lol And then minutes later they step away from the machine with no sweat or obvious exertion visible.  How exactly is this machine supposed to tone the body?

From an observers point of view it looks as if wobbling body fat and loosening joints is supposed to be good for you.  The people who invented this line of machinery really do deserve an award for designing a machine which appears to take all the hard work out of fitness training. But isn’t that the point of training, expending energy to lose weight and get fit?

Can anyone explain how this rumble plate is supposed to tone and define the body because I can’t reason an answer.