Giving Oral Sex With A Russian Twist

By | September 20, 2013

Blow JobOver the years I’ve been working in the adult industry I’ve only actually seen one Eastern European porn movie “Moscow MILFs” and that wasn’t I’m afraid the biggest turn on I’ve ever experienced.  Somehow I just don’t tend to associate Russia in particular with sex or even being sexy. But maybe that’s due to a bad experience with a cheaply produced adult movie.

Well, apparently now it’s time for the proud and independent Russians to change all that as its ladies are enrolling on a 3 ½ hour “Art Of Oral Sex” course.  The course itself costs 85 Euros and covers a wide range of subjects including everything from application of condoms to locating the erogenous zones on their men and also themselves.

They all look happy devouring their Doc Johnson realistic dongs what do you think?