Fanny Farts

By | July 30, 2006

Or as it is know in other countries, queefing. I just learned that today. I know, you lot all knew about this expression years ago. Yeh, yeh, yeh! Naughty onomatopoeia at it’s best. 🙂 Any other terms for this can be left in the comments for us all to have a good chuckle at later.

This phenomena seems to be linked very strongly to doggy style fucking, exercise or stretching. I personally, tend to get this occasionally when I have had my shoulders to the deck and my ass high in the air. The angle must create some kind of internal suction.

The more we fuck the more air gets trapped. We sometimes have to stop before I am in danger of blowing up like a balloon. As the air makes it’s noisy exit we both have a laugh about it.

If I was in a new relationship it could be a little embarrassing, after all you want him to think you are a lady, don’t you? Also the more you laugh with embarrassment the more the air comes out. So you end up going put, put, put like a back firing car. 😀 I had this very experience with Alex when we first got together. Fortunately, Alex shares the same depraved sense of humour as me and just laughed. 😀

I suppose fanny farts come in two different forms. The wet fanny fart, which occurs following male ejaculation and the dry one during coitus.

The one saving grace you do have, is that they don’t smell, if they do there is something seriously wrong! Fanny farts are simply trapped air being expelled by the vagina. Unlike the ones from the other end, which can render you unconscious during coitus. That would most certainly count as an interuptus.

I tried to locate some medical facts on this very subject but there is very little attributed to it. Most is chat room stuff or video footage. I’m not sure why, after all it is a common activity shared by most females on the planet.

These girls have perfected the art of fanny farting and are obviously not concerned in the slightest about letting one rip in front of the camera,

Clip 1

Clip 2

So guys just remember next time your girl queef’s (I’m getting used to this term now. LOL ) it’s just a ladies way of saying thanks for that great shag. Or if you have been indulging yourself, thanks jelly dildo you just did a great job there. Now let me wash you down. 🙂

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