The Thing About Escorts Is …

By | October 3, 2013
Escort Agencies

Escort Agencies

If you were to mention the services provided by an escort agency you might get a very mixed response no matter what company you keep. The reason is simple, like a lot of professions the whole idea of paying someone for their company comes with a lot of baggage and preconceptions that colours people’s views of the concept let alone the organisations and people involved in facilitating escort services.

Predominantly of course it’s men who seek out female company from an organisation like ‘Select Sydney Escorts‘  but what sort of men do that?

You’d be very, very surprised.  Many people have the stereotypical view that it’s only high-flying businessmen who enlist the services of an escort for an evening. After all hiring an attractive companion who can conduct herself well and appropriately, converse intelligently and provide the company you want carries a certain price tag. Yet the range of people who use escort agencies is huge, from your stereotypical millionaire to the ordinary Joe in the street.

I know this because I know a number of escorts and I know the variety of clients who engage their services. There are guys who save up for months simply to be able to spend an evening with their favourite girl, they enjoy the time spent in the company of someone who makes no demands on them other than the simple financial transaction and gives them the opportunity to step outside of their normal lives with someone who is both an instant friend and a total stranger. There is no fall-out the day after, no pressure to call, just the memory of an evening spent relaxing, dining, perhaps seeing a show with a woman whose company they enjoy.

It’s not uncommon for a couple and a single to engage the services of an escort if they are going out for a meal, nobody wants to be the “gooseberry” and escorts can make an awkward threesome at the dinner table a nicely balanced foursome.

It’s difficult to explain to anyone who sees the role of an escort as somewhat unwholesome that it’s actually a service industry like any other service industry. Yes there may be some agencies, some models and some clients who see using an escort as something other than a way to obtain congenial companionship but that’s why you should choose the agency you use carefully. When procuring any service you make an informed choice and select a provider you feel you can trust.

One of the worst kept secrets in the industry is that many of the escorts on an agency’s books are also models. It stands to reason of course because if you are young, intelligent and good looking (male or female) it makes sense to maximise your earnings by having more than one career. Such an agency is ‘Models Escort Agency‘  whose escorts are almost without exception also models who would be just as at home in front of a camera as on the arm of a client on the way to the theatre.

Without knowing how escort agencies actually work it’s easy to see how misconceptions about them arise but speaking as someone who knows the people who actually work as escorts I have to say the intriguing world of escorts and escort agencies is not quite what you might think