eroFame 2013 Trip – The Journey

By | October 19, 2013
eroFame 2013

eroFame 2013

The day had finally come to make our way over to Hanover, Germany.  It had been 3 long months since our last industry show and we were more than a little excited to be finally on our way.

Although our cat wasn’t enthralled with the idea and buggered off somewhere out of the way with a doleful look on his face.  It’s amazing how much he resembles Puss In Boots with those big eyes.  lol

It was typically British weather wise when we left with grey skies and rain looming although the air temperature was still reasonable for the time of year.

Our journey was relatively uneventful except for a couple of drivers who nearly ran us off the road.

We arrived at our destination in good time for our flight which is always a relief. And delighted that we opted to pay that little extra for the “Drop & Go” service believing that we would simply hand over our car keys to the concierge at the gate and be able to walk off in to the airport lounge whilst they parked the car.


What this service actually turned out to be was that we parked the car and then scanned the airport car park for the service.  We finally spotted where we should be.  It was the small portacabin at the bottom end of the car park.

We drove the car down and handed over the keys, then had to walk across the full length of the car park to the terminal entrance with your luggage.  Great service indeed.  Next time we’ll save our money.  Lol

As we’d booked everything on line we were able to do our own checkin which was straight forward.  Now we just had to clear security which usually involves me having to take of my shoes and be felt up by a security guard whilst Alex gets apprehended for having a suspicious item of hand luggage.  Last time it was his camera which needed a thorough investigation for some reason.

There’s usually a hold up.  To my surprise this time I sailed through but as you may have already guessed Alex got pulled over for having his iPad in his rucksack.  Lol

By now we were starving having had no breakfast before leaving so we decide to have a full English breakfast at Wetherspoons.  And I don’t think I will be eating there any time soon.  It was cold and very unappetising. 🙁

Then the next thing we know the gate is open and we are boarding the plane.  It was small and bijoux and this time we weren’t near the wings and the constant drone of the engines.  The flight was reasonably comfortable and we were glad we ate as you don’t get anything to eat gratis with Fly Be.

Touchdown was good and we cleared the airport in reasonable time.  Albeit too late to attend the first day of the show, next year we will have to book a flight the day before to ensure we get there.

The taxi ride to our hotel was comfortable, a brand new Mercedes Benz…what else in Germany…