5 Strange Sex Facts from Around the World

By | October 28, 2013

tender sexSex. A three letter word topping the international agenda, whether you’re purity driven politician or carnally adventurous blogger, sex is a pivotal part of society, online and off – after all, without the Sperm Survivor Series, you wouldn’t be around to read this. Reproduction aside, coitus is an undignified biological requirement, think about it for a moment, is it possible to look elegant when biting your lip and making crazy eyes at the ceiling? No. Do you consider the thump-thump-thump of next doors bed head against the paper thin walls of your apartment soothing and atmospheric? Not really. Do we often parade our Naughty but Nice purchases around the dinner party table, discussing the various applications of ticklers and stringed beads? Not lately.

Human sexuality is beautiful, diverse and downright eclectic; imagine you were an alien uninitiated into the ways of kinks, quirks and specifics, what would you make of the melting pot of appetites, devised to satiate and surprise? Would you turn ship and run away, or broadcast a multi-dimensional display of bodies back to home base? Maybe both, after you derived these ten fun though highly whacky facts about getting down and dirty.


Are you a closet lover of feeling a little breathless during a roll in the sack? 500 Americans take it a step too far every year and go the full hog, for too long. What does that mean? Erotic asphyxiation certainly gets the motor running for some people, it’s a valid choice in a treasure trove of BDSM moves. Something to remember though, it can have fatal consequences if things go wrong or the brink suddenly fades into a white, shining light.


The Swiss are an extremely hospitable and socially progressive people, brewing some of the best beers in the world and wowing travellers with its affable perspective on sex, homosexuality and escorts. Leave it to the Netherlands to lead the world in creating a safe environment for industrious sex workers – sex drive ins (enter obligatory Happy Meal quip here) are a secure alternative to walking the streets, located a little way out of central Zurich, where patrons drive into garages and visit their chosen paramour. The facility is guarded by professionals, and medical and psychological professionals are always in attendance. Safe and sane sex. Can’t hate on that.


The sexual agency of women has always been problematic for some segments of society; thankfully, we’re beginning to shrug off this double standard of assumed propriety and purity, as if only men are amorous and passionate beings. Am I right, ladies? From 1758 to 1966, Ireland dealt with feminine promiscuity harshly, even pre-teens with paranoid parents were allowed to house their children in the abusive Magdalene Asylums, slave factories dedicated to laundering the clothes of the upper middle to affluent classes, labouring over needle work and abandoning anything that classified them sexually, forced to shave their heads and bind their breasts.


What can I say? Some like it hot, hard and long, and the men of the US are no exception. Despite popular opinion that homosexual porn is for homosexuals, transsexual porn is for transsexuals, and heterosexual porn is for heterosexuals, the browser history of straight guys seems to suggest otherwise. Two neuroscientists researched one billion internet searches from one hundred million people, attempting to discern what men (and women) want in the States. The results? Transgender porn is the fourth most popular porn category on the internet, with a high concentration of heterosexual males returning for repeated viewing. While this isn’t particularly weird, it does make you wonder; have you cleared your cache lately?

Papua New Guinea

Let’s head down under now for a spot of tribal play in the luscious hills of Papua New Guinea. The Trobiander tribe certainly know how to have a good time; imagine a society where sex is so normal and accepted that even six year old girls are doing it. It’s a-okay. And slut shaming regarding what she wore? It’s difficult for the haters to find anything to say when most women going topless on a routine basis. Strangely enough, sex on a first date is totally normal, but a meal? Big N-O, chowing down together is saved for after marriage.