Fast Cars & Hot Sex

By | December 15, 2013

Honda CivicAlex inherited a very nice Mercedes 4 x 4 recently which meant that we had the inconvenience of having 3 cars to provide parking for.

This pushed us in to the decision to trade our two old jalopies in against a new vehicle for me, after all my car was now 8 years old.  It had been a reliable runabout but now was the time for change.

We took a good look around the local garages and I ruled out getting another Toyota on the grounds that the latest models looked like they just stepped out of the 80’s.  The Volkswagens weren’t much better and the Audis weren’t all that for the money.

So in the end I opted for a new Honda Civic, the 2014 model it looked the business and had the power I wanted after driving a 1400 around for years.  This girl now wanted some horses under the bonnet.  I sound like a real petrol head.  Lol

After a great afternoon’s test drive I decided to put an order in and after a couple of weeks wait I now have my Civic and she’s gorgeous.  I’m in love, diamond cut alloys, low profile tyres, cruise control , DAB radio and cruise control. Oh and did I mention a six speed gearbox and lots of free-revving horses under the bonnet.

I didn’t realise that there was a direct connection between motor cars and sex drive until now.  😉

I’ve been as randy as fuck these past few days.  Alex has been wearing a permanent smile whilst trying to keep his energy levels topped up.  🙂

Who would have known buying a new car could affect your libido in such a positive way.

Anyone else out there experienced this kinky phenonema?