Too Much Of A Good Thing

By | December 20, 2013

Sam and ValentinaI seem to have spent the last 3 weeks eating out with friends, relatives and work acquaintances.  Oh, and the woman from gym whose friend thought I was gay.  Lol

You didn’t hear that one.  Ok, because you didn’t see the previous post about it I will recap for you.

Working from home means that your social circle is somewhat restricted because you don’t tend to meet many people during your working day.  In my case just the cat.

Therefore it’s a good thing if you can make new friends via social activities.  That’s where I fall short again because I don’t have many of those either.  But what I did do until recently because of late I’ve been a bad girl, is go to gym regularly.

It was whilst I was there one day I decided to turn an “Hello, how are you?” relationship in to a friendship.  One day I decided to ask the woman is she wanted to do lunch one day.  That was a good few months ago now and we meet regularly despite my tardiness with gym lately.

She hasn’t been much either.

So not only have I had lunch with her but several old friends and family members who I don’t see too often.

I’m sure this must have taken its toll on my waistline, so I resolve once again to get back in to that keep fit habit.

Having visited the gym on Tuesday and it’s now Friday I can say that I may take until at least Saturday to get rid of all the lactic acid which is currently making every muscle in my body tender.  Lol

See you there…