The Pleasure Paddle Review

By | October 22, 2008

Pleasure PaddleThe Pleasure Paddle from California Exotics is described as a toy for you and your lover to enjoy. Its shape suggests what the designers had in mind, but in the bedroom it transpires that it has far more uses than they imagined. I suppose I ought to dispel any misconceptions you have here; The paddle is not a BDSM spanking implement but a compact and well designed vibe.

The unit is 20cm long and 1.8cm in diameter. It is rigid and therefore transmits vibrations from its built in vibrator very well. The exterior finish is soft and silky, very pleasant to hold and have held against you. It’s driven by two AAA batteries which fit in a carrier that slides into the base under the single control dial.

The whole unit is waterproof and simplicity itself in use. You twist the dial one way to turn it on and adjust the speed, then the other way to turn it back off. The toy is quite feminine in its styling, smooth curves and finished in a hot pink.

Suze slyly made off with the paddle soon after we received it from Nice Sex Toys. She emerged from the bedroom a little later to tell me that although it was nice to use and had her clitoris tingling she couldn’t quite bring herself off with it. The Pleasure Paddle wasn’t designed primarily for solo use.

We decided to try the paddle out together, but it was a while before we did. It therefore came as quite a surprise when while we were screwing last night Suze slipped something between us. It was of course the paddle. She turned on the paddle and rubbed her clitoris with it as I fucked her, missionary. The dual stimulation worked for both of us. She squirmed around, drinking in the new sensation and I got to watch, with the added bonus that I could feel the vibrations in my cock, both at the tip when I was almost fully withdrawn and at the base of my cock when I was deep within her.

We carried on like this for a while, sharing the pleasure. Eventually though Suze withdrew the vibe and turned it off. She pushed me back down the bed into a kneeling position and took my cock into her mouth. Enjoying a sensational blow job I didn’t notice her slip the Pleasure Paddle back into her hand and position it against my perineum. When she turned it on I nearly went into orbit.

Suze played the head of the paddle against the sensitive skin between my balls and anus, then she toyed with my asshole itself. I very quickly came to the point where shooting my load into her mouth was an inevitability and had to push her away from my cock. She got the message and lay on her side, one leg in the air pussy beckoning me. A few deep hard thrusts and we both came in a frantic blending of our fragrant bodily issue.

Later we experimented with the paddle in other ways and found that is was great for sensory play on nipples and certain areas of the genitals. I wouldn’t advise you use it on your guy’s testicles though, it’s a little too power. Ouch!

The Pleasure Paddle is a toy for couples and as such is a very rare thing indeed. You need someone else to make the most of this toy.

It’s good to share and when you do this toy makes it great.

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