Strawberries And Cream

By | September 17, 2006

Strawberries And CreamVibrating Clitoral Stimulator And Penis Ring With 5 ½” Vibrator.

I opened up the packaging and removed:

1 X vibrating clitoral stimulator
1 X 5 ½” multispeed vibrator
1 X sachet of lube

The clitoral stimulator comes complete with a detachable adjustable harness, which comprises of 4 elasticated straps to keep your little treasure in place.  It smells very floral when you take it out of the box, very girly indeed.

It is made of a very pliable jelly with a bullet mounted at the top and a hole for sticking you know what through.  😉  Attached is a multispeed control unit that takes 2 X 1.5 volt AA batteries.  These are rather cleverly housed inside a hinged top unit.  So no having to retrieve the top cover when you drop it.

One thing did occur to me…I need a battery charger for Christmas.  Hehehehe. Only joking, make that a bumper pack of batteries, in common with all the toys I’ve encountered you should not use rechargeables. This toy’s instructions specify alkaline cells (a la Duracell).

Alex was still in the shower when I started to unpack my new toy.  So I thought what the hell, I’ll just give it a quick try while I’m waiting.  🙂  I used the image on the box to work out how to attach the clitoral stimulator as there are no instructions as to how to wear it.  Which is a shame.

Attaching the straps is a little awkward at first but I should imagine after the first application and strap adjustment it should get easier.  You have to attach one set of straps over your hip and up through your thighs and the other set around your upper thighs.  I’ve lost you now haven’t I ?.  😀  Ok, imagine a climbers harness or one of those that the air/sea rescue people wear when they are being lowered by a winch.  You got it!

I could hear Alex whistling in the shower so there was still time to kill.  With the harness on and batteries retrieved out of my bedside drawer I was ready to go.  Don’t let anyone say I’m not practical.  LOL

I turned the dial on the clit stimulator and must admit to being very excited at the thought of some clitoral stimuli as I come on my clitoris quite often.  Not wanting to rush things, I turned the dial slowly on and OMG…It was like sitting on the washer during spin cycle but 10 times better.  Up went the speed and I lay back on my pillow with my legs spread wide.  If you have a sensitive clit this is the toy for you.

My pubic bone resonated as the bullet worked it’s magic and I began to moisten.  I reached over for the vibe on the bedside table and naively tried to insert it.  Not a good idea.  The soft jelly of the “o” ring gripped it and would not allow me to insert it.  Ahhh! That’s why they give you the lube…silly me!

I could hear Alex stepping out of the shower as I reached over for the lube sachet.  My clit was now pulsing with every rumble from the vibrator and must have been very swollen because of the sensitivity.

Breaking the top off the sachet, I put a little on my finger tips and rubbed it around the vibrator.  It is very viscous and you only need a little.  When the vibrator was sufficiently lubed I pushed it between my legs and inside my swollen wet pussy.

It felt so good to have both the vibration of the clit stimulator and the vibe deep inside me at the same time.  I began to fuck myself with long steady motions, savouring every thrust.  At this moment Alex walked in to the bedroom and was very eager to join in.  “I see you couldn’t wait to get started”, he said with a smile and semi erect cock waving in front of me at eye level.

My reply was a simple moan as I continued to work the finger vibe in and out of me.  I needed more.  I was about to reach for my jelly vibe which would have fitted the “o” ring perfectly when Alex knelt on the bed at the side of me.  It was my guess that he wanted to fuck me.  Something just told me so.  It could have been that huge bulging erection which was bouncing in the air to the left of my head.  Alex can be so subtle at times.  😀

I removed the vibe placing it on the bed and upped the clitoral vibration to max.  Fuck! I almost came then and there.  I raised on to my hands and knees to my favourite doggy position and Alex sidled in behind me.  “You’ll need to use some lube to push your cock through the “O” ring, I advised.  He reached over and proceeded to lube up his cock as I looked eagerly and vocally over my right shoulder. 

I’m telling you, this stimulator has to be used to be believed.  My pussy was so wet and swollen that it felt like it was going to pop with the tension of the blood supply.  The next thing I knew Alex was pushing his cock in to the ring and centring himself up for my cunt.  It’s a little like precision drilling you have to make sure the alignment is correct before thrusting.

He began to slowly pump in and out of me and the combination of his cock filling me and the vibration on my clit brought me to orgasm straight away.  I pushed my head in to the pillow as I  vocalised my elation.  Alex was spurned on by this and began to bang at me harder.  This was a mistake because the fucking, whilst moving the stimulator around on my clit which felt good, made the alignment almost impossible and he kept coming out of the ring.

After a couple of misses we decided it would probably be best if we screwed with me on my back.  I rolled over and placed my legs over his shoulders.  He pushed between my legs and began to fuck me again.  This time the “O” ring stayed in place and he built up a good rhythm.  I came again within moments of him thrusting.

I reached down between my legs and pressed the bullet against my clit and rolled it gently around as he pounded at my pussy.  Then came another orgasm, swiftly followed by another.  I seemed to be in an orgasmic ocean with breaker upon breaker hitting the spot.  So much so that I almost didn’t notice Alex take one last pained thrust and come with a shuddering rapture.

After the heavy breathing had stopped and we came back down to earth I asked Alex if he could feel the vibration from the clit stimulator.  He said he couldn’t.  So next time I have an idea … where’s that Xfactor cock ring?