What’s In The Package?

By | February 4, 2007

PackageYou can always tell when our toy delivery is something Alex can use. He insists on grabbing it from me and opening it. Just like an excited little boy. I’ll rephrase that…a “naughty” little boy. 😉

As the contents spilled out on to his knee, I must admit I felt a touch disappointed. It wasn’t quite as big as I expected and I hoped that it would satisfy.

Got you all thinking now haven’t I? There’s been a lot of interest in anal pleasure lately, so we’ve ended up getting a vibrating butt plug. We have a very nice, ample sized jelly one but not a motorised one and Alex was almost hard just looking at it.

It is a very girly colour, iridescent pink but I suppose when it is in position and sending rippling vibes of pleasure through your rectal passage, the colour simply doesn’t matter. Alex slipped it out of the packaging and inserted the batteries into the remote and butt plug.

Now for the fine detail. The remote has a sturdy plastic case and matches the plug in colour. It also has a handy key clip. The Battery is easily inserted and secured under a sliding gate on the unit.

Vibrating Butt PlugThe butt plug is loaded with two batteries, I will add at this point the manufacturer has been thoughtful and supplied the batteries so you are ready to go. But I’m sure you already worked that out. 🙂 The butt plug itself has a nice soft jelly feel to the touch and is pretty enough to sit on your dressing table, not so sure about the guys. 😀

It even smells girly, it smells of nail polish. No word of a lie…I walked out of the room and when I came back in again all I could smell was nail polish. I forgot to mention the on/off switch is located on the base of the butt plug along with the battery compartment.

So what’s special about this little anal beauty? Well, I’ll tell you or will I?…You know I just love to tease you all. Lol

…It is remotely controlled! No wires to get entangled in and an easy to operate on/off unit to control the device. I just knew I was going to get as much pleasure out of this toy as Alex. 😉 Here take a look and see what you think.

Now I just need to find the lube and I’ll be right back…

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