Boob Jobs And Piss Flap Trims

By | October 23, 2008

Alex and I paid our local adult store a visit on Sunday, the main reason for our visit was to swap the adult DVD’s we purchased for some more. The store offers a reduction on the cost of replacement within a given time frame, making them cheaper and us able to watch a lot of porn. 😉

Apart from visiting to check out the latest releases I usually have a wander around the toy section to see if they have anything new in that I may want to try out. And usually they have nothing of interest, they have a fairly slow turnover, not helped by the imminent recession at the moment. Therefore the stock doesn’t seem to change much from one month to the next.

That’s where online stores come in to their own because they can offer so much more choice to naughty girls like me. 😉

I had a quick wander around the goodies and then made my way over to join Alex in the Adult Viewing section. There were already a couple of guys eyeing up the rails of adult entertainment. One was middle aged and conservatively dressed, the other a guy in his late twenties or there abouts.

As I walked over I must have been sending out high frequency warning signals. The guys cleared the area like I had just arrived on a tidal wave and swept the floor clean. It was quite funny really. My presence seemed to completely un-nerve them as they scurried off in to the furthest corner.

Alex had already spotted one (DVD) he wanted to view as I wandered around the rows of movies. I picked up a couple of titles which caught my eye but was immediately put off them when I looked at the porn stars in them.

Most of the girls on the rear of the sleeve were surgically enhanced to the point that they would be able to do cartwheels and their breast’s wouldn’t move. You could practically see the flesh being put under tremendous force to contain the pockets of silicone.

This for me is an immediate turn off. I don’t care how big or small breasted the girls are, natural is far better than enhanced. I can even cope with the craze for trimming up of labia, which can make the performers look pre-pubescent. But not boobs which ruche up at the sides when leaning forward is not a good look, good for curtain fabric but not flesh.

I was in trouble. Almost every DVD I removed from the shelves had a boob job babe in it. Can we please have some good old fashioned pre operative porn please you producers out there.

It makes me want to make my own and I’m sure I could do it much better than some of the porn we have been watching lately. I ask you, who sucks in air through their teeth and makes a Mick Jagger pout face whilst fucking?

Well, maybe Mick does…I don’t know. Lol