Foursome Anyone?

By | October 24, 2008

Do you remember we went over to Busty’s for a lovely home cooked Thai meal and cleavage a couple of weeks ago. 😉 Well, today I decided that we ought to set a date for her and her vanity stricken boyfriend to come over to dine at our house.

I suggested a couple of potential dates, she could have accepted there and then but Mr Vain likes to watch his football so we are governed by his match fixtures. I’m hoping to hear within the next couple of days when we will be getting together.

I’m hoping that he offers to drive which means that Busty can let her hair down for the evening, unlike last time when she was cooking and playing the perfect DD host. 😉 At the time I didn’t consider where we all sat but I ended up selecting my seat which placed Alex directly in line of sight of her ample bosoms all evening.

Not until the next day did he mention this. I suppose it would be rather awkward to come out with it over the dinner table. Lol Apparently he had spent all night trying not to make it obvious that he was enjoying the view without either her or Mr Vain finding out.

It’s funny when you think about it, I spend all day trying not to get caught looking at her lovely curves. There have been the odd moments when I’m sure she may have seen my ogling momentarily but I think I got away with it. After all she must be used to it by now.

It reminds me of a conversation I once had with a client and he spent the whole time talking to my cleavage, not me. I should have bent my knees and met his gaze to say “hello”.

Right, so the question is…what should I cook for us? Her Thai dishes were wonderful and all of the meal was pre prepared and frozen days before, which only involves you reheating rather than having to cook on the night and ignoring your guests.

Any suggestions will be welcome. She has set the standard so high that I may be struggling to be anywhere as good. I may have to ply her with alcohol and offer her nibbles. 😉

I wonder if I could persuade her to stay the night…