Breaking Balls

By | March 6, 2014

black-swimsuitI just returned from a week’s trip over to Cyprus.  It was part work and part holiday, fortunately more pleasure than business.

Alex and I had gone over with my stepmother to oversee some business relating to my late father and to tie up a few ends.  It also gave me the opportunity to see where in his later days he spent most of his time.

Which was a comfort as I haven’t visited the island for some years and had lost touch with all of his old haunts and friends.

It was great to see all of my father’s favourite places and of course provide support for my stepmother as she revisited the emotions she had encountered once already here in the UK.  I think we have now faced all of the mountains we have to climb and it’s now a question of building our stamina and getting on with life.

Staying in their apartment meant that Alex and I had to show a lot of restraint when it came to having a bit of nooky.  I think we managed 3 days before Alex felt like his balls were heavy and about to burst and I felt like someone had taken away my climax gland.  Lol

It was early morning and the apartment was quiet, although outside was noisy as people started their working days.  Cars zoomed up and down the street and people shouted their good mornings to each other.

I hope the background noise would be enough to mask the pure lust we both had for each other.  As Alex slipped between my legs the bed gave one of those familiar creaks, so I moved over to the middle.

He moved in closer, this time shrouded by silence and I blew a breath of relief.  I felt his hot, hard cock press urgently against my puffy labia majora and I opened my legs further allowing him to push into me.

Oh the relief of that first penetration!

I quivered a little as he filled me with his length and girth.  Coming to rest against what felt like my bloody cervix.  Fuck he was big this morning!

He sighed deeply and arousingly in to my left ear as he started to thrust, slow at first but then the control left him and he was giving me a good pummelling.  The bed started to once again grown, announcing to all listening that we were…


By now we were both beyond to point of control and I made the slightest of sideways movement to reposition and hopefully fool the bed in to silence once more.  And it worked.  😉

Now I had my legs wrapped around Alex’s waist and he was pushing deep and hard in to my hot, slippery cunt.  Closing my eyes I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, digging my nails firmly but gently in to his soft white flesh.

He moaned and started to buck like a possessed bull which had me gripping on for all I was worth.  My heart was beating so fast I could hear it and my pussy was pulsing with pleasure as my g-spot took onslaught after onslaught.

I could feel my pussy juice running between my butt cheeks as we both screwed each other senseless.  My head felt hazy and my senses alive.  It would have been wonderful to stay in that euphoric state for ever but it was not to be as I heard Alex give a deep but quite moan as he jettisoned his seed deep inside me.

Moments later he collapsed on top of me and we looked in to each other’s eyes with the same animal desire we had when we first met.

Good things cum to those who wait…