Teenage Sex, Rape and Celebrity Impropriety

By | October 23, 2008

There’s one thing that’s guaranteed to sell newspapers and that’s celebrity scandal. But look behind the headlines and there are real human beings there. Yes they may have had their egos inflated to gargantuan proportions and believe they are above the law and can act as they please but when the colossuses (yes I checked that’s spelled correctly) come crashing down they are the same fragile creatures that we all are.

I’m talking about three different families here who all came into the news today either directly or indirectly. The first is Mohamed Al Fayed, owner of Harrods, father of Dodi, wannabe father-in-law of Dianna Princess Of Wales. I personally don’t like Al Fayed, he’s appears to be the epitome of the super rich individual who thinks he can act as he pleases.

He’s been implicated (though never charged) in a jewel theft, refused a British passport because the immigration authorities decided he and his brother lied in their applications and spent a decade translating his understandable grief about the tragic death of his son and Dianna into a circus that cost ths tax payer millions and proved what we all knew all along. Drink driving kills people.

In turn that leads me to the Hamiltons. Fayed was instrumental in the downfall of Neil Hamilton when he revealed that the hapless MP had asked questions in the House Of Commons in exchange for cash, on behalf of Al Fayed. Neil and his wife Christine have since become minor celebs and major parodies of themselves. In that case the mighty have fallen but emerged reborn in a new career as Z-list personalities.

The Hamiltons and Fayed are now curiously linked. Both have been accused of sexual assault. The Hamilton’s case, several years ago, was thrown our when it transpired that the accuser was a compulsive liar and habitual accuser of innocent parties. Now Al Fayed is accused of sexually assaulting a girl “under 16”. You can read the BBC’s account of the story here.

It’ll be interesting to see how this works out and of course as little is yet known about the case I’m not about to comment about it. I’ll just say that being famous is fraught with the danger that someone, somewhere will accuse you of something. Maybe you did it because you thought your position would protect you, or maybe you were accused because (as in the Hamilton’s case) your accuser had a habit of doing.

Shit, who’d want to be famous.

Finally there’s Kerry Katona who appeared on breakfast TV when she really shouldn’t. Watch the video to decide for yourself. To me it looks like she’s completed the journey from Atomic Kitten to nuclear meltdown.

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