Sex With A Stranger

By | October 24, 2008

AlexSuze.comAccepting an invitation to a party when you don’t know the host, or most of the host’s friends, is not something I normally do. The chances of being left in a corner cradling a beer and edging yourself into crowds of revellers to join in their conversations, without looking like that’s what you’re trying to do is pretty high. I accepted the invitation nonetheless, I mean your friends wouldn’t abandon you, would they.

So there I am ninety minutes after arriving, standing in the corner hugging a beer and wondering how my so called mates managed to lose me. I decided that the answer was that they were well practiced at it.

One of the two couples was notorious for slipping off at the first opportunity to get busy in the coat bedroom. This meant that in the winter they were in danger of dying from heat exhaustion due to the layers of heavy garments they burrowed under to fuck. In the summer late arrivals were more likely to see his backside rising and falling as she screamed her passion in a complete stranger’s coat pocket.

The other couple seemed to be locked in a nihilistic cycle involving flirting outrageously with members of the opposite sex just within earshot of each other, getting up close and personal with their chosen temporary paramour then erupting into a brief and apparently cataclysmic row with each other before retiring to the lavatory for thirty minutes for a conciliatory shag. They seemed totally unphased by the accusatory stares of the queue of full-bladdered party goers that greeted them on their exit.

My glass looked rather full so I decided to empty it and make way for the second of what I hoped would be many beers to make the night go quicker. It was either that or walk home now.

I retrieved a recently arrived can from the fridge and cracked it open. The resulting spray soaking my arm. I turned to the drainer to leave the can to settle and in so doing dribbled foaming beer down a skirt worn by a female guest.

“Shit, sorry.”

“Twenty minutes” she replied.


“I’ve been here twenty minutes, I usually manage about an hour before having anything spilt on me.” She laughed, her light brown eyes twinkled.

“Sorry. I’m Peter.” I offered a beer drenched hand.

“You don’t have to apologise for being Peter.” She took my hand and shook it. “I’m Tina”.

Tina it transpired was in pretty much the same position as me, except the couple who did know the host and had invited her hadn’t even bothered to turn up.

Small talk ensued, encouraged by the bond that only two misanthropes can share. Jokes were exchanged, brief biographies, appraising glances. Here hair was dark brown, shoulder length with a slight natural wave to it. Nice neck, with collar bones to match. Her cleavage was enticing too, a B or a C at most but nicely presented.

I didn’t notice she’d stopped talking, I was on my third beer and my mind was relaxing. “Are you looking at my tits.” She asked, amused.

“Yes.” Was the all I could think to say.

“Thank goodness you’re not gay.”

“That’s an odd thing to say.” I was puzzled.

Then I felt her hand grab my crotch. “Because you’ve been looking over there at the rugby player type and I couldn’t work out if it was so you could get a crafty look at my boobs or you fancied a prop forward.” She adjusted her grip, obviously enjoying the feeling of my erection through denim. “Are my boobs that good?”

“You have to ask?” I took half a step closer to her and pressed my groin against her. “I’m guessing that there’s a room free upstairs this early in the evening.”

“I’m hoping you’re right.” Replied Tina as I led her up the unfamiliar stairs.

The first room we visited was occupied, the creaking of the bed announcing it’s tenant’s carnal activities before we stepped through the doorway. The second room was free. A feeble bare 40 watt bulb filled the room with a yellow glow.

Tina sat on the bed before I closed the door. When I turned to face her she was patting the space next to her. Rather than join her I knelt between her legs and kissed her once on the lips. Her hand stroked the back of my neck.

I kissed down her neck, making her shudder and in a few moments was nuzzling between her boobs. She groaned her appreciation. My hand slid up her naked leg, traversing her thigh before reaching her pussy. Her legs parted, my fingers found their way inside, past her underwear and into her moistening slit.

I toyed with her for a moment, but she was impatient and could not quite reach the bulge in my groin that fascinated her. She lay back and I rolled over her onto the bed. Tina pushed me back onto the bed and unfastened my jeans. Her fingers insinuated themselves inside my boxers and stroked my cock. I reached down again and slid my hand inside her panties.

Her clitoris was easy to find as it was sensitive making her quiver with the slightest contact from my middle digit. We stared at each other, not with some new found love, but with fascination as each of us gently masturbated the other. Two people who had only met a few minutes before frigging and wanking in a third stranger’s bed.

“Are we bad people?” she asked with mock horror.

“Very, very bad, they’re the best kind”

I could smell her hot moist pussy, its aroma as much as her gentle wanking of my cock coaxing me towards the final destination. Her panties were soaked. Dipping my fingers further into her snatch I began to slosh around in her fluids. I curled my middle and ring finger inside her and found her g-spot.

She was fixed to the bed, her moans became gasps with a few firm strokes of my fingers. Moments later she came, covering my hand with a stream of fluid. I teetered on the brink of orgasm, the excitement of watching her writhe and moan driving me to climax.

Tina roused slightly from her post orgasmic haze and driven by a lustful enthusiasm pumped my cock with her fist. She slid down my chest and rested her head on my stomach. I thought she was about to take me in her mouth but she simply wanted to watch.

When I came in four or five powerful spasms I splashed my stomach and her face with my semen. She lifted her head and looked toward me, a white viscous streak on her cheek. She smiled for a moment then turned her attention to licking the cum from my stomach and cock.

Which is when the “Coat bedroom couple” stumbled in.