The Porn? It’s Blowing In The Wind

By | April 20, 2014

Magazine CoverI decided to have a clear-out, and that includes a huge stash of magazines. No, not that sort of magazine! There’s no Fiesta, Mayfair, Razzle or Playboy in the pile but there are a lot of trade magazines. Because we’ve been doing this for a long time now, both as amateurs then professionally we have accumulated a large quantity of material from the trade press.

There are the trade magazines from across Europe, show programmes and of course product brochures. So while these aren’t porn magazines they do contain countless pictures of sex toys, explicit video covers, models in lingerie and naked/semi-naked models too.

Feeling quite pleased with myself actually but since taking the recycling bin to the bottom of the drive I’ve noticed something worrying. The wind has increased and while the sheer weight of all that literature should keep the bin on its wheels it has to be said that a wheelie bin emptying its content of adult industry mags down the street could be difficult to explain to the neighbours.

It’ll be the same on next recycling in collection day too because there’s more to come with another stack ready to go to the pulping plant. It’s like recycling Russian Roulette.