Buggering About In Bruge

By | June 1, 2014

BrugeA couple of weekends back Alex and I had a first.  I know your naughty minds are conjuring up all sorts of naughty scenarios.  Well, just put them back in to your naughty corner.

We both have been chatting for a considerable time with a couple of lovely ladies in The Netherlands who kindly invited us over to visit some time.  And after consideration and a rather testing time with family we decided to take them up on their kind offer.

I know.  These people could have been anybody but our instincts told us they were good people and we could totally trust them to take us in and look after us during our stay.

However, the journey over to meet them was going to be a long one starting with the Eurotunnel and then on from Calais.   So on the way, as we would be passing anyway.  We decided to spend an evening in Bruge and drive on fresh and rested the following day.

The hotel was a very quaint one next to a quiet canal, very quaint looking from the pathway.   But once inside it was a Tardis.  The lobby was large and very bohemian with display cabinets around the walls featuring years of collectables whilst the middle was dominated by a bright and gregarious circular seat set around one of the columns supporting the ceiling.

Meanwhile the floor was laid to old flags with the odd Persian rug cast here and there.  And chandaliers dripped from the ceiling.  We were shown the dining room which was filled with the same elegance as the lobby with distressed Queen Ann legged chairs and tables, flower displays and oodles of shiny glass suspended from the ceiling.

Our room continued the opulence and grandeur of the lower floor, with rosewood furnishings and lots of drapes around the window.  And at the far end once the shutters were opened we had a perfect view of the canal.

There was a separate toilet next door to the bathroom.  Now, this is the bit which puzzled me and made the whole place even more quaint.  There was a full sized bath with overhead shower and a double sink but the strange thing was that we also had a bidet in this room.  Lol

I couldn’t help but chuckle and point out to Alex that I could imagine people waddling from the adjacent toilet in to the bathroom to place themselves on the bidet.  Not entirely a good thought but certainly an amusing one for a mind like mine.

Because of the late hour Alex and I removed our toiletries and nightwear from the case and left the room to head for our table at the hotel’s restaurant over the bridge on the other side of the canal.

I’ll tell you all about it next time…