Alcohol, Mishaps And Boobs

By | October 24, 2008

AlexSuzeI told you we went over to Busty’s last weekend for dinner which consisted of homemade Thai cuisine, it was delicious. Alex spent the night ogling Busty’s chest and because I was a little nervous I drank quite a few glasses of red.

Alex was driving so he refrained but thoroughly enjoyed the evening, and the company of course. I must say I was a little surprised by Busty’s choice of male companion, he was in part what I expected as she talks a lot about him and his faults at work.

However, I didn’t expect him to be quite so squeaky. He sounded like a pre pubescent boy waiting for his balls to drop. Lol I had envisaged that she like a masculine and musky male who would scoop her up and take care of her. On the contrary, it looked more like she was taking care of him. I must add at this juncture that he is younger than her and that may account for it.

Busty is a bit of a cradle snatcher! 🙂

Since our little soirée moments of the evening have popped up in conversation and she took great delight in pointing out that I was so busy (and probably drunk) to notice when Alex at the end of the evening helped me put my shoes on. I allegedly kept on turning to face her and moving my feet whilst he had great difficulty in fitting my shoes for me. Lol

I giggled when she told me this with a slight rose tint to my face. Although she wasn’t having a go at me, just laughing at the situation.

Well, today I got my chance to laugh at her. The office staff go together as we do when there are Birthdays for a quick drink and cakes to celebrate and recognise the day. As we stood in a large circle around the Birthday boy one of the guys from upstairs happened to mention that when the office staff last went out (I didn’t go) she had mentioned to a girl on the top floor that she was quite posh to come from **** (insert your inner city council estate here).

You should have seen her face, she couldn’t remember saying this to the girl and looked amazed. Until another member of staff agreed that she had said that. We all broke in to fits of laughter (the girl concerned wasn’t there).

I reassured her that know this girl, she would have took it in good spirit. There may be an apology on the horizon tomorrow, me thinks. 🙂