Eating Me Out In Bruges Or Should I Say, Eating Out In Bruge

By | June 13, 2014

Brugges MainThe hotel’s restaurant was in the cellar of the building opposite our hotel and had windows facing out on to the canal which runs between the two.

It was very posh and as we browsed the menu we both decided to opt for the set menu with a reasonable price tag.

The first course arrived after about 20 minutes.  I had selected the chicken liver pate.  Which looked lovely on the plate but totally impractical to eat because you only got 2 small pieces of Melba toast and a substantial chunk of pate.

Not wanting to waste any I completed it on bread roll out of the bread basket.  Waste not want not I was always taught.  Lol

The main arrived after what seemed like an over extended wait and again looked attractive running the length of the plate.  I had ordered the pork.  Which comprised of 3 x pieces of pork medallion, 3 x potato twizzler which looked just like those that Jamie Oliver featured and 3 x mange tout.

I sat for a while hoping for some accompanying vegetables to arrive but they didn’t.  That was it!

With the best will in the world there is no way you can make such food last.  A few scoops with the fork and it was gone.  Shame my hunger didn’t.  🙁

When the waitress appeared to remove my plate I asked if we could have out dessert without a wait as we wanted to take a look around the city whilst it was still light.  I don’t think she was too happy about it but hey I’m the customer.

I’m not sure why they were waiting so long between courses, there were only about 6 people including us in there.  I can only assume they thought the drinks bill would be higher if we sat waiting.  Well, it wasn’t.  lol

And then the dessert arrived which in the same vein as the previous two courses disappeared rapidly.

Only a couple of hours later both Alex and I had to eat some proper Bruges food…a lasagne from one of the local eateries.  🙂