Organic Food Fucking

By | October 25, 2008

I just came to sit and write this between watching some Friday night, I’m so glad the weeks over, porn. It’s a compilation of scenes set onboard an airplane, not very believable but most smut isn’t.

The scene involves an airhostess dressed in a very nice latex, baby blue uniform with a hat to match. She slips off to the back of the plane to the kitchen area and removes a couple of large cucumbers from storage.

And I bet you can’t guess where they are going. Lol Strange, in all the time I have been viewing porn I have never see a DVD with vegetable dildos being used. She rather unconvincingly pushes the first couple of inches inside her pussy and starts to fuck herself with it.

There is lots of sucking in of air through teeth and CTM action. You want to know what CTM is? It stands for Cucumber to Mouth. 🙂 This DVD is certainly one for the men, every move designed to titillate you guys, cause I know sucking a cucumber doesn’t bring me off.

I will review the DVD when we have watched it all but up to now I really haven’t been impressed. There are some original ideas but they haven’t been executed very well. Pity, but we’ll see if it redeems itself.

Watching did get me thinking. The UK is currently running a healthy eating campaign called “Five A Day”, where you are encouraged to eat 5 portions of fruit or vegetables daily.

Which five would be the most “useful”?

Cucumber…banana…corn on the cob…