Abstinence I’m Having None of That

By | September 13, 2014

Happy New Year 2013If you’re a regular reader of AlexSuze.com you can’t have helped but notice that over the past few months we’ve been conspicuous by our absence in the posting department. Now this is unusual for us because we are usually pretty prolific and the main reason for us not posting on here is if we have work to do elsewhere, which luckily for us is quite often. That can be on SexToysBuzz.com or for other publications and non-adult customers. However this year it has been due to some significant changes to our lives that were outside our control.

At the risk of sounding like one of those “we’re still here” posts that we so often see when bloggers burn out and disappear I have to reassure you all that we are still around just working on different things at the moment.

Things are settling back down now so normal service should be resumed pretty soon.

So, until then take a look at this and enjoy.