Be Careful Who’s Cock You Lick

By | October 25, 2008

It has dominated the news recently that dairy products made in China have been deliberately contaminated with melamine, a chemical which enhances the levels of protein found in milk. These contaminated products have led to four baby’s deaths and made tens of thousands ill across China.

The EU has ordered the testing of products like chocolate, candy and cookies with a content of milk powder higher than 15% to contain the problem.

This has led to Adult toy store Ann Summers suspending the sales of their chocolate body spread, which Britain’s food regulator found to contain small quantities of melamine. The chocolate novelty spread was manufactured in China and brought over to be sold here in the UK.

The Food Standards Agency has found that the spread contains more than 50 times the permitted level of melamine.

So, be careful what you lick.

Just a moment, isn’t melamine a hard surface you find in kitchens and on some old tables? I’ve heard of getting wood but that is bloody ridiculous. Lol