It’s That Naughty Time Of Year Again

By | September 27, 2014

Sexy PiratesI don’t know where this year has gone.  It’s been a busy but life changing year for both Alex and myself.

As some of you may be aware we took a trip of a lifetime in June and spent 15 glorious days touring Western Canada.  A trip we will remember for years to come for many reasons including returning to have to face the heart wrenching decision to have the cat we shared our lives with for 11 years put to sleep.

On the up side we adopted another cat from the RSPCA, this time a kitten.  Our previous cats had been 7 and 1 respectfully.  This time we were going to be parents to a kitten of just 12 weeks.  And oh how those weeks have flown by as he is now over 5 months old.

He’s not allowed out in to the big wide world until he is 6 months old, as advised by the RSPCA so we will have to place him in the cattery next month when we go on our annual trip to Hannover.

Yes, it’s eroFame time!  And it doesn’t seem to have been a year since our last trip in some ways but in others it does.

But, yes we are both looking forward to meeting up with trade colleagues and also meeting some new ones.  The event is the largest in Europe and attracts companies from around the globe, which makes it an excellent event for those wishing to find new clients.

As usual I will be posting here on the day’s events over the three days of the show, so watch this space for updates.  Oh, the show starts on the 8th October, so not long to go.