Where You Gonna Go For Your Porn?

By | November 9, 2014

The Porn DudeIf you type the word “porn” into Google you get 161 million results, which if you think about it isn’t a lot considering the amount of online filth out there. What always amazes me is the number of adult sites that throw up warnings on my anti-virus plugin that monitors the sites I’m about to visit. I have quite a nice product running because it red flags dodgy links in the Google listings before I click on them. If I go to a site that has any dangerous links or ads on it they get blocked too. We use it to gauge which sites we should trust and if we get a red flag we don’t go there again.

And guess what, the first search result that came up when I typed “porn” into Google was red flagged to hell. So were a lot of the other sites on the first page. Not good eh!

So when I was asked to check out “The Porn Dude” I was to say the least sceptical. Not just because of the security threats that seem to present themselves on so many sites but also the shear lack of quality adult material out there. Some of it is just low quality, other sites have material that even I as someone who works within the adult industry, including the porn sector find in poor taste. Furthermore what really ticks me off on any site, be it porn, viral marketing, news or even the Radio Times is a webpage that is designed to be tricky to navigate so that you roll over irritating pop-up ads or click on what you want only to be presented with an ad or taken to a different site entirely.

None of those things happens with The Porn Dude. What you get is a clean, nicely laid out site with lists of links to porn sites and adult resources. Some of them you will doubtless know but other were certainly new to me. What you click is what you get, no tricky little ad pop-ups here. What’s even more astonishing is that with my anti-virus turned up to the max I didn’t have one warning from any of the sites that I visited from the links on The Porn Dude. Now, I didn’t click on every link on The Porn Dude and I would always advise you to browse with care (and a good anti-virus product installed) but as of the date of publication The Porn Dude’s site itself is as clean as a whistle as far as I can see, as are the sample of sites I visited from the link lists on The Porn Dude.

There are porn sites of every description, web cam girls, NSFW Reddit users, galleries, chatrooms and anything else you could possible want to look at. If you want your daily dose of free smut then this might be the site you have been looking for.