Sex With No Squeaks

By | January 6, 2015

suze in white bra

It’s very easy to become accustomed to something that is glaringly obvious to others and to a certain degree that’s exactly what happened with us and our bed. We had it for years, a pine bed frame that we had made when we moved into our last house. It had seen three mattresses come and go, required a number of repairs when it had started to show its age and was well overdue for retirement.

So when we moved into the new place we got a new bedframe. Solid oak, well built and very, very quiet.

While we were aware that the old faithful pine bed was noisy and that during our more passionate moments we would have to grab hold of parts of it to keep the noise down and stop it becoming too intrusive we had got used to it. As you do, like that paint chip on the skirting board that you never get round to touching in or the squeaky hinge you keep meaning to oil.

Moving to a detached house and making love for the first time in a new, silent bed was a revelation. No distractions, no “Ooh the neighbours will know what we are up to”, just unfettered, un-self-conscious sex.

It’s difficult to explain how good it felt. Not that sex on a squeaky bed wasn’t good. In fact it added to the fun and was often the cause of giggles when things got very loud, this new sublime shagging is great and I for one will not be sorry to see the old bedframe go.