Talking Dirty With Hot Girls

By | January 24, 2015

Christina KrystalisI’ve done a lot of things since I’ve been involved in the adult industry and not all of them are public knowledge. That’s not because I’ve done anything I’m not proud of but because of the fact that I’m proud of having discretion when it comes to both my life and personal life. I’m the keeper of secrets about some of the most famous names in the industry and that’s the way it has to be because otherwise as a journalist nobody will speak to you on a sensible level unless you know how to keep your mouth shut.

That said I was musing tonight about what to write and realised I’d never blogged about the one time I used a chat line. Yes, a married guy using a chat line, who’d have thought it! OK so the circumstances were a bit different than normal but it was still a chat line so I’ll tell you all about it. Well, not quite everything because the girl involved was an aspiring porn star and chatline worker who decided about a year after this happened that the industry was not for her. I’m not telling you her name, her real or professional name because that’s both unnecessary and unethical not to mention irrelevant when it comes to explaining what happened.

Soooo, Suze and I were on a porn shoot a few years ago. We attended several in various different roles (no not performing!) so telling you we were on a shoot doesn’t narrow down which girl was involved. It was around eleven in the evening and while the last scene was wrapping up in the room next door the performers, Suze and me were drinking too much wine and chilling on the sofas in the huge drawing room of a country house somewhere in the UK. The girl, let’s call her Amy mentioned that she wanted to know if her sexy chat for her chatline was up to par.

Quite honestly I looked at Suze and expected to see her “Oh no you don’t!” but perhaps because of the atmosphere in the room, the sounds from next door and a day spent watching live sex being filmed she said “Alex is a very harsh critic, you’ll get some good tips from him.” And with a mischievous grin from her we were ready to go.

We retired to our room with Amy’s number and she to hers. I waited about five minutes to ring her mobile number direct and began chatting. I had no internet connection and therefore no web connection so unlike visiting a live webcam sites like she was working purely on the phone, luckily I’d seen her performing earlier so I had all the visuals of her excellent technique stored away in my head.

Laying on the bed next to Suze I began speaking to Amy who was to be honest quite nervous. She had been working chatlines for a while so I was surprised at this but when I halted the chat she explained that she wasn’t used to actually knowing the clients. So having spent the last two days with me and my partner it was a bit freaky for her. I told her not to be so silly and cracked a joke about embarrassing a porn star before she carried on and settled in to telling me about what she was wearing and where she was touching herself, etc, etc.

Suze noticed I was getting a bit uncomfortable and helpfully unzipped my jeans, pulled then down to my knees then pulled the waistband of my underwear under my balls so my almost fully hard cock laid across my stomach over my T shirt. I wasn’t planning on masturbating to Amy’s chat because I took the job of critiquing her rather seriously. The way I looked at it she had asked me as a friend and colleague to help her deliver a better service and this wasn’t an excuse for me to get a cheap thrill.

My ever randy partner had other ideas of course. She held back until a drop of precum stared to form at the tip of my now hard prick before wiping it off with her finger and licking it from her fingertip. My cock quivered at the sensation and my tremulous voice as I chatted to Amy obviously helped her confidence because her chat got more languid, lascivious and just plain filthy. The precum was flowing freely now making my cock irresistible to Suze who lowered herself onto it so her ear rested onto my belly while she gently suckled my oozing member.

I managed a little coaching, suggesting different phrases and tones of voice to Amy as the blowjob progressed, basically all the things that turned me on and all the little nuances that I felt men would enjoy. She listened and kept coming up with new teases and descriptions of how excited she was getting all alone in her room. Suze picked up on this and began to wank me with her hand while sucking me hard.

About a minute later I came with a huge groan that Amy took as a job well done. Suze gulped the spurts of cum as fast as she could so that when Amy said thank you and good night to me Suze was able to grab the phone and say good night to Amy too, looking me in the eye with a devilish grin, her lips still coated in my juices.

The next morning was interesting. We decided not to tell Amy about Suze’s help with my climax because we thought it might dent her confidence – which would have been terrible because she was very good. Amy wasn’t very talkative over the breakfast table until she explained why – she had of course never met any of her “clients” before and just as the night before she felt awkward “You are my first.”, she said to me. Not something you hear from an experienced woman like Amy every day now is it.